Thursday, January 21, 2010


Crevices_lines_patterns_forms_edges_Transforming Edges

Proposed intervention: Transforming the unusable site, balancing the congestion of the beaches of the city, a light based insert stimulating the current informally used site, enhancing the experience of the rocky FRINGE at night. The dual visual relationship between the city and the site extends into the day as the vantages from the insert open up the city fringe for the people within.

Concept: The birth of a ‘fringe condition’ takes place with the conjunction of two contrasting elements: the stable meeting with unstable, rigidity with fluidity, from being the container to being contained. Rocks and the sea come together in this confluence with a blurring, constantly transforming edge.
The undulating topography and the crevices within the rock, the zone of ‘A intersecting with B’ and the lines, patterns and edges defining the fringe, perpetually changing the definition, initiate our study.
Our aim is to establish a dual relationship between the city and this zone of intersection so that the site becomes a part of the city fabric and vice versa.

The Insert: Diagrams to map the rock topography, the wave pattern in the zone of confluence and the shifting boundaries between them led us to the form.
To enhance the interaction with the city even during the night, light based sensors could be placed within the crevices from where the form emerges so that each time the water comes in contact with the crevices, the insert above is bathed in a wash of light.
Similarly, during the day the cityscape can be viewed from the cavities in the skin of the insert.

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